Vipassana changed my life radically. I used to live in a very stressful life, always overwhelmed by my emotions and my thoughts, not able to feel what I wanted in my life anymore blinded by fear, anxiety and depression.  I started working on myself 2 years ago, motivated by Ghandi’s mantra “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I did an amazing progress but I could feel there was still something hidden deep inside, blockages that always kept me from being who I am and feel free. Vipassana was a light in the dark. It helped me connect to myself in a very singular way.  Experiencing it gave me hope and courage to face my demons and my tough egocentrism, believe in myself, open my heart and reconnect to my childhood beliefs.

It is obvious that if every each of us works on himself individually, the whole humanity will take another direction very quickly.  In a world let by fear, anger and egoism, it seems essential that we start changing our behaviors.  The only person who can save us is ourself and expecting someone else to fix our problems is an illusion and the best way to stay prisoner from our own misery. Behind a suffering mind hides a beautiful soul in each of us. Vipassana help me to realize it.  It requires to work very hard as many powerful achievements. Vipassana crack my frozen heart to allow me to feel its vibrations again. It allowed me to clear out a good amount of my negativity to let space for love and beauty. I feel immensely grateful for that. That is why I decided to share my experience hopping it will help people to jump over the understandable hesitation of spending 10 hard days. It is worth it.

May all beings be happy.